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How to Trim Your Puppy

How to Trim Your Puppy's Nails

Long nails will cause trouble and certain damage to your dog. Not only affect their walking but will hurt their skin due to too long backbends. Therefore, the owner has to learn to trim the nails of the dog regularly. So how can we cut it? 

1. Preparation tools
The tools must be prepared first. Choose different nail clippers according to your dog's body type. For large nails, it is recommended to choose the hollow sickle type.

2. Reassure or divert your dog's attention
When you trim your dog's nails by yourself, it's better to appease your dog's emotions like give him some snack. And then, cut it! If you have a large dog, you may need some help.

3. Length of pruning
Don't cute your dog's nail too short. Or your dog's nail will bleed.
Your dog will likely pull away from you and let out a yelp. Our Pet Nail Grinder may help you to avoid this accident.

4. Polishing
After trimming, use steel sandboard or other sanding tools to polish the edges of the nails to avoid scratches and affect the lives of dogs and the families.

5. Give your dog some rewards
Don't forget to give your dog rewards after trimming. He will know you're rewarding his good behavior.

Besides, it is best to choose some light and low salts like natural dog food, which can reduce hair loss, tears, and other problems.

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