• How to Trim Your Puppy's Nails

    How to Trim Your Puppy's Nails
    Long nails will cause trouble and certain damage to your dog. Not only affect their walking but will hurt their skin due to too long backbends. Therefore, the owner has to learn to trim the nails of the dog regularly. So how can we cut it?  1. Preparation toolsThe tools must be prepared first. Choose different nail clippers according to your dog's body type. For large nails, it is recommended to choose the hollow sickle type. 2. Reassure or divert your dog's attentionWhen you trim your dog's nails by yourself, it's better to appease your dog's...
  • Top 100 Most Popular Male And Female Puppy Names of 2021

    Top 100 Most Popular Male And Female Puppy Names of 2021
    Are you prepare to bring a new fur friend in your home? Before you start stocking up on all the proper supplies and pet necessities, your new dog needs a name. Whether it’s something unique, traditional, or totally bizarre. Here are 100 dog name suggestions for your fido. Your new best friend will be a part of your family for the foreseeable future so make sure his name is something that you love and that just feels right.   Popular Boy Dog NameLike baby names, boy dog names tend to trend in popularity. 1. Benji2. Duke3....
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