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User Guide : How to Put on the Custom-Fit Cat Harness

Step 1: How to Adjust Neck Position
  • Minimum Neck Position - move the sliders back from the front logo and towards the back D-ring.
  • Maximum Neck Position - move the neck sliders away from the back D-ring and towards the front logo.

Step 2: How to Adjust Chest Position
  • Minimum Chest Position - Feed the straps through the sliders, bringing the sliders all the way to the side buckles, until they reach one another.
  • Maximum Chest Position - Pull the chest sliders away from the side buckles, bringing them closer to your pet’s belly.

Step 3: Put the Harness Over the Cat's Head
  • Slide the neck loop over your pet’s head. The Logo “MerryBIY” should be up on your pet’s front chest.
  • Arrange the bottom straps between your pet’s two front legs, under the belly. T

Step 4: Buckle Up on Both Sides of the Belly
  • Position the harness around your cat's body.
  • Align the shoulder buckles on each side of the harness.
  • Insert the male end of the buckle into the corresponding female end until you hear a click.
  • Repeat the process for the other side of the harness.

Step 4: Check the Harness to Fit Your Cat
  • Adjust the Neck and Chest Straps to fit your cat.
  • You should be able to fit One Fingers between your cat's body and any part of the harness.
Please measure the size carefully before purchasing this harness for your Kitty.

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